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What We Stand For

we respect clients | we respect money | relationships matter

What We Stand For

we respect clients | we respect money | relationships matter

At CSP we are experts at helping our clients make smart decisions with their money so that they can live the life they want.

We respect clients

  • We are transparent with all remuneration we receive and prefer to operate on a fee for service basis.
  • All product recommendations are based solely on what is in your best interests.
  • We are not owned or influenced by any bank or financial institution.

We respect money

  • We believe in analysis and careful, considered decision making.
  • We do not take unnecessary risks with your money.
  • Our 3 buckets model manages the risk in investment markets.
  • Our internal investment committee takes a “hands-on” approach to develop and maintain investment models.

Relationships Matter

  • We have been in business since 1974 and take a long term view, valuing long lasting relationships with our clients
  • Not being owned by a financial group or bank means that we are not beholden to anyone else’s agenda.
  • We continuously seek feedback from our clients on where to improve.
  • We view the ongoing education of our clients as pivotal to everything that we do.

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What people are saying about CSP

We have been clients of CSP for almost 20 years and have enjoyed a great relationship with Lachlan and his team. We learned quickly at the start of the relationship that we couldn’t improve on the advice we were being given by acting independently.

Michael Fairclough

Lachlan does detailed research on investment opportunities and tailors his advice based on clearly understanding his client’s needs.

Basil Roufogalis

I have been a client for some years now and I have always found their advice and guidance to be highly professional, accurate and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend them.

Deborah Evans

Finding CSP to steer me through the financial world with security and comfort was the most fotunate outcome I could have hoped for. Always ready to guide and advise to the best possible outcomes, I am sure there could be no better place to be Thank you always Lachlan and your fabulous team👍🏻🌅

Jan Ringrose

We never doubt the integrity of CSP and the investment advice matches the level of risk we are prepared to accept. Since retiring we have been very satisfied with the performance of our superannuation fund.

Alan Pont