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For a very limited time, CSP is running some information sessions specifically designed to take the pressure off those who are looking for some help getting their personal finances in order.

Our 7 simple rules will take the pressure off you and your family as you struggle to focus on building your wealth whilst keeping pace with your mortgage and other financial obligations.

At CSP we understand what you are going through because we are pretty much in the same boat, with young families and busy lives.

We are determined to help you to make smart decisions with your money, and coming along to one of these sessions could be just the kick start you need.

There is no cost, no obligation, just come along and have confidence that getting your finances sorted is not that big a deal. You can spend hours on the internet trying to find out what you need to know, or you can come along for 45 minutes, listen to some expert advice, and decide where you want to go from there.

Spots are limited.